Educational Leadership/Ohio Principal Licensure

Educational Leadership | Ohio Principal Licensure Program Overview

Antioch University Midwest is proud to offer experienced education professionals with a current Ohio 5-year professional teaching license and two years teaching experience a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership, as well as the coursework to qualify for an Ohio Principal’s License. This program prepares educational administrators and teachers who are capable of dynamic leadership and innovative change in today’s fast paced school climate. Antioch University Midwest provides its students a classroom-based, experiential approach to leadership that emphasizes understanding reasons behind actions. This approach, combined with practical organizational and management skills, makes this a program that fully equips PreK-12 educators to manage diverse educational environments that foster lifelong learning.

Program Features

The M.Ed. in Leadership at Antioch University Midwest is a course-based program aimed at meeting the needs of currently employed teachers, administrators and other school personnel interested in building their leadership skills. It is designed for students with an earned baccalaureate or professional degree from an accredited institute of higher education and a valid Ohio 5-year professional teaching license, or other education professional as defined by the State of Ohio.

  1. Both M.Ed./OPL credentials-54 quarter credits total
  2. 4 quarters for both credentials
  3. Cohort model


  1. Must have 2 years teaching experience.
  2. Must hold a current Ohio 5-year professional teaching license.
  3. Earned bachelors degree from accredited institution.
  4. Minimum 2.5 GPA for bachelor’s degree.
  5. Minimum 3.0 for graduate level coursework.
  6. Completion of skills assessment test proctored at Antioch University Midwest.
  7. All courses (54 credits) required to complete degree and licensure program in a cohort model.